03.07. 2007
New Site

I'm baaaack!
After what seems like a long time, I have uploaded a new site to replace the one that was accidently destroyed by my web host. This new site will be more for fun and to display some of my work, and to share some of the many Unreal Tournament and 2k4 files I have collected over time. The site is still under construction so not everything is working yet.

03.07. 2007
Guest Photo

I have recently upgraded several of my computers to Windows Vista.
One of the new features of the "Ultimate" editions is "Windows DreamScene". It allows you to use animated desktops created from movies. StarDock has released a free add on the DreanScene, "DeskScapes" which adds additional functionality. There are also a few very good free "Dreams" available for download on Wincustomize.com.

For more info, check it out at http://dream.wincustomize.com/

My first try at creating a "Dream" is to the left. It can be downloaded from the Wincustomize site.

I Hope to create many more Dreams as I learn more about the software at my disposal and the different techniques used to creat animations.